What Rights Do Bailiffs Have

 what rights do bailiff have

What rights do bailiffs have

In general most of the public have no idea of the legal rights of the bailiff and how limited their powers are.

Rights of bailiffs – Most bailiffs have no more power to enter your property uninvited than any other unwelcome visitor.  Bailiffs only have authority to use reasonable force to enter your property if they are collecting unpaid criminal fines.

At all other times bailiffs have to gain peaceful entry into properties.

Bailiffs and your rights – Always remember bailiffs do have the right to seize a car parked on a driveway or on the street if they are certain it belongs to the debtor.  However if the car is in a locked garage which is joined to the main property they cannot force entry into the garage to seize the car.

Bailiffs right of entry – They have to gain entry by one of the following: 

  • Being invited in by a responsible adult
  • Can climb through an open window
  • Can walk through an unlocked door despite it being closed
  • Can climb over a fence to get to the back door.

My rights against bailiffs – They have no right to enter your property in the following circumstances:

  • If asked in by a child
  • By breaking windows or doors
  • Push past people in an attempt to get inside the property.

Rights of a bailiff – If the bailiff acts unlawfully in order to seize goods the removal of the debtor’s property and possessions then becomes illegal. 

Bailiffs can visit your property at any time except Sundays, Good Friday or Christmas Day, and the National Standards recommend they visit between 6am and 9pm.

If the debt is unpaid rent then bailiffs are not allowed to visit between sunset and sunrise and not on a Sunday.

If the debt is unpaid VAT the bailiff can visit between 8.00 am and 8.00pm, if you trade outside of these times the bailiff can remove your possessions at any time and day when the business is trading.

What Rights Do Bailiffs Have

Your rights with bailiffs – Bailiffs can go anywhere in England and Wales where the debtor’s goods can be found.  However usually they have a business or home address and these will be where the bailiff will visit.

Bailiffs, Know your rights – Bailiffs are well aware of how limited their powers actually are and they will try various tactics to gain peaceful entry into your property.  They will attempt to gain entry by asking to use your toilet or phone etc, but never allow them in.

Bailiffs, What are my rights – They have the right to use ladders to climb through an upstairs window or skylight and once they have gained entry into the property they have the legal right to break open internal doors which included locked cupboards or attics.

If the bailiff has entered a house which is shared or does not have a single householder the bailiff is legally allowed to use force to enter the parts of the house which is used exclusively by the debtor even if the doors are locked.

What Rights Do Bailiffs Have– If a bailiff has entered your home or business illegally, you may be able to start court proceedings to recover your possessions and receive compensation.

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 what rights do bailiff have

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