What Is A Bailiff?

what is a bailiff

What Is A Bailiff?

If you owe money to any form of creditor the creditors has various options to try and get their money back and one of these options is to instruct a bailiff to visit your home and remove your goods which can be sold at public auction in order to pay off your debt.

What is a bailiff is a question which is asked on numerous occasions because the majority of people really do not understand the legal rights of the bailiff.

Bailiff Definition – A bailiff can be used to take back goods belonging to the creditor if payments are not being maintained, for example if you were purchasing a vehicle on hire purchase but have gone into arrears a bailiff may be able to take back the vehicle.

What is a bailiff and when can they be used – A bailiff can be used at any time when money is owed to a creditor money and regular payments are not being maintained.  Bailiffs can be instructed to remove your goods and sell the goods at public auction.  The money raised will pay the bailiffs fees and charges and the remaining money goes to your creditor to pay off the debt.

What Is A Bailiff ?

A bailiff has the authority to sell your goods at public auction however second-hand goods have a low value so there are rules about what goods a bailiff can remove from your property.

Most goods have a low second-hand value and there are rules about what goods a bailiff must leave behind. So using the bailiffs is not always a good option for a creditor because they might not get all their money back. On the other hand, people are afraid of the bailiffs and if they think the bailiffs are coming, they may try and raise the money to pay off the creditor before the bailiffs actually come and take their things.

There usually has to be a court order before bailiffs can come to take your things away. Even when the bailiffs have got authorisation to act, it may be possible to negotiate with the creditor to call the bailiffs off.

What Is A Bailiff? Bailiffs can be used to collect the following debts:

  • Council tax arrears
  • Business rates arrears
  • County court orders (CCJs)
  • High Court orders (judgments)
  • Child support arrears
  • Parking/road traffic penalties
  • Fines in a criminal case
  • Income tax arrears
  • VAT debts
  • Rent arrears.

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what is a bailiff

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