What Can A Bailiff Take

 what can a bailiff take

What Can Bailiffs Take From Your House

What can a bailiff take is a question which has been asked numerous times, if a bailiff has not gained peaceful entry into your home before then the important fact is REFUSE THEM ENTRY INTO YOUR HOME, they cannot enter unless you or another adult gives them permission to enter.

What can a bailiff take – If the bailiffs have gained peaceful entry into your home there are certain rules which have to be followed so call Action Credit Management on 01209 808450 now and speak to one of our dedicated case workers.

What can a bailiff take – Bailiffs must be certificated before they can levy or seize goods so always ask to see their bailiff’s certificate, ensure it is the certificate as bailiffs usually show their identification card which is not the same thing.

What can a bailiff take – They can take items belonging to the debtor, except protected items and sometimes jointly owned things, cannot take jointly owned items if it is only your name on the liability order.

What can a bailiff take – Cash or cheques for money owed to you.

What Can’t Bailiffs Take

What can a bailiff take – They cannot take protected items such as:

  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Essential household equipment
  • Fixtures and fittings such as built-in wardrobe or oven
  • Tool, books, vehicles and other equipment which is necessary for you to carry out your work or vocation
  • Essential household equipment.

What can a bailiff take – They cannot take the following items:

  • Children’s belongings
  • Items which are on Hire Purchase or Conditional Sale
  • Items which do not belong to you

What can the bailiff take – If the bailiff has not levied or seized your goods you are quite within your rights to give the goods away to friends and family.  If the goods already have a levy on them and you give them away they will still be considered your property.

If the goods are not yours make it clear to the bailiff who the owner of the item is, you may have to show proof of ownership, like a bill or receipt.

What Are Bailiffs Allowed To Take

What can a bailiff take – The bailiff will take sufficient goods to ensure the debt owed can be paid in full.

In some cases bailiffs have taken goods which are much more valuable than the debt, if this happens you may be able to make a complaint.

If county court bailiffs are involved, you can apply to the court for an order to instruct them to produce a list of goods they have taken and the estimated value of the goods.

What can a bailiff take and can he take the goods immediately – Once bailiffs have identified the goods they want to take the next step is impounding the goods.  This means the goods are not legally yours and you have no control over them.

There are three different ways of doing this but the most usual one is called taking walking possession of the goods so the bailiff do a list of the goods they have seized and ask you to sign a walking possession agreement.

Once the agreement is signed the bailiffs then have control over the goods and they can return at any point and remove those goods.  They can even break into your home to take the goods.

If you have not signed the walking possession agreement and the bailiffs do not remove the goods immediately, it could be argued that the bailiffs have abandoned the goods.  This could mean they have given up and they do not have the right to return to remove your possessions.

Once inside your home if you refuse to sign the walking possession agreement the bailiffs can immediately remove the goods they have seized.  The third option is a bailiff could stay in your home to make sure you don’t remove the goods, this is called a close possession, this is rare unless you have valuable items in your home.

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 what can a bailiff take

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