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If you are reading our website the fact is you are probably experiencing difficulties with council tax arrears and require help with bailiffs who are attending your property requesting payment.  Action Credit Management has professional, friendly case workers who are experienced in dealing with Bailiffs, and have many years experience in offering council tax arrears advice.

The most important factor is NEVER ALLOW A BAILIFF INTO YOUR HOME & NEVER SIGN ANY DOCUMENTS.  Make sure all your doors are locked and windows shut.  Council Tax Bailiffs have no legal right to enter your home without a warrant and we have never known such a warrant to be granted for council tax arrears.

When a bailiff tries to gain peaceful entry to your home they may use many excuses, such as needing to use the toilet, the telephone or even state if they are not granted access they will return with a locksmith and break in.  They are not allowed to do this on a first visit and if you have never allowed them into your property previously they will never be able to break into your home.

On the first and second bailiff visit they charge a fee but after this they cannot charge further fees for attending your property.  By refusing the bailiff entry into your home it enables you to obtain council tax arrears advice in order to stop bailiff action.

Action Credit Management offers free professional advice when dealing with Council Tax Bailiffs.  We will also negotiate with your Local Authority and the Bailiff on your behalf, stopping any action being taken and setting up an affordable monthly repayment plan for you.

If you need FREE confidential council tax arrears advice then call Action Credit Management now on 03000 111 777 and speak to one of our friendly dedicated case workers.

"As Promised The Bailiff Was Stopped, I Couldn't Believe It. "

Mr Q Salmon - Cardiff

Action Credit Management Helps With Council Tax Arrears. 

Our Case Workers Can Stop Bailiff Action Within Hours.

stop bailiff action bailiff advice

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