Council Tax Arrears

Council Tax Arrears Council Tax Arrears Advice People incur council tax arrears for a variety of reasons such as unemployment, disease, breakdown of relationships etc. If you are in the position of having council tax arrears then call your council as… read more

Bailiff Advice Online

Bailiff Advice Free Confidential Bailiff Advice Online Action Credit Management provide FREE Bailiff advice online and by telephone, to those individuals who are having a hard time paying council tax debts. We recognize how bailiff enforcement can hav… read more

Can Bailiffs Take My Car

Can Bailiffs Take My Car Can Bailiffs Take My Car Can Bailiffs Take My Car – The answer to this question is YES, in fact your car is the easiest item for the bailiff to remove from your property because it is probably parked on your driveway or in… read more

Beat The Bailiff

Beat The Bailiff How To Beat The Bailiffs It is possible to beat the bailiff if you have the relevant information; bailiffs are used to seize goods in order to satisfy unpaid debts.  If a debtor has a County Court Judgment against them and fails to pay… read more

Bailiffs Powers

Bailiffs Powers Bailiffs Powers Bailiffs powers are far more limited than most people realise, bailiffs powers relating to council tax does not allow them to force their way into your home. Bailiffs powers when collecting arrears of council tax on behalf… read more

Can Bailiffs Force Entry

Can Bailiffs Force Entry Can A Bailiff Force Entry Can bailiffs force entry into my home is a question which is asked by many people.  Most bailiffs do not have the authorisation to enter your home uninvited. Can bailiffs force entry into your home if… read more

Bailiff Fees

Bailiff Fees Bailiffs Fees Bailiff fees have in some cases been extortionate because some bailiffs take advantage of the fact that very few people actually know what they can and cannot be charged for and they raise the bailiff fees for visits which do… read more

Bailiff Charges

Bailiff Charges How Much Can Bailiffs Charge Statutory Bailiff Charges for the collection of unpaid Council Tax or Business Rates are as below: Bailiff Charges – First visit fee is £24.50.  This is for attendance to levy on your goods. Bailiff Charges… read more

Council Tax Bailiffs

Council Tax Bailiffs Council Tax Bailiffs are usually private firms who collect Council Tax Arrears on behalf of the Local Authority.  These firms attempt to seize your goods and sell them, usually at auction to raise money to pay the debt in full. From… read more

Bailiff Laws

BAILIFF LAWS UK Bailiff Law is very controversial, it is a combination of common law, statute law and case law, some of which dates back to medieval times. Bailiff laws and regulations are in reality archaic and aspects of the law do not have a place in… read more

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