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How To Deal With Bailiffs & Local Authorities

Action Credit Management considers the use of bailiffs an archaic method of collection and one which should not be used in modern society.

We are working with local authorities to achieve an alternative solution to collecting council tax arrears.

  • By working closely with the local authority we aim to increase the amount of unpaid council tax recovered, without the distress to the debtor of bailiff involvement .
  • Helping the debtor to avoid further bailiff fees and charges being added to their existing debt, this just adds to the problem and increases the amount of money owed.
  • Reduce the stress imposed on the debtor due to bailiff contact.

Dealing with bailiffs can be very stressful often leaving you unsure of where to turn for advice and guidance.

How to deal with bailiffs  is a common question people with council tax arrears ask. When a bailiff contacts you either by letter or at your home it often leaves you feeling bewildered and not knowing where to turn. This is where Action Credit Management can help, contact our experienced team of case workers today on 03000 111 777 who offer advice based on your personal circumstances and can stop bailiff action in as little as 2 hours.

Follow our simple steps on how to deal with bailiffs companies below:

  • If a bailiff knocks on the door do not answer it.
  • Do not open the door even if they threaten to break in – they legally can’t do this unless they have a warrant issued by a court
  • Make sure all your windows and doors are locked, they can enter your property through an unlocked door or window

How to deal with bailiffs  if they refuse to leave your property:

  • Ask them to provide you with their bailiff certificate number, it is important to make a note of this
  • Ask them in which court their certificate was issued
  • If they could provide you with a breakdown of their fees
  • If they have a warrant ask them to post it through the door, check to see if it has a signature of a court official or a court stamp on it, if it does not then inform them that it is invalid.
  • Do not confirm your identity
  • Do not admit to owing the debt

How to deal with bailiffs companies can be very upsetting, however it is important to say you’re not on your own. To stop bailiffs taking further action against you contact Action Credit Management’s friendly and experienced team today on 03000 111 777

"You Stopped Bailiff Harassment Within 2 Hours. Thank You"

Miss M Ayers - Newcastle

Action Credit Management Aims To Work Closely With Local Authorities. 

Negotiating Affordable & Sustainable Payments For Our Clients.

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