How To Stop Bailiffs

how to stop bailiffs

How To Stop Bailiff Action

If you have a visit from bailiffs there are several things which you can do to stop bailiffs from removing your goods.

  • How to stop bailiffs – Make a payment arrangement with the bailiff but be careful as bailiffs are renowned for requesting an high amount of money per month which is not affordable to you.
  • How to stop a bailiff – Keep all doors locked and windows closed and never allow a bailiff into your property, the bailiff cannot force entry he can only enter by peaceful means and you are quite within your legal rights to refuse him entry into your property.
  • How to stop bailiffs council tax – If you know that a bailiff is going to visit your property remove items which the bailiff can legally take.
  • How to stop the bailiffs – You can state items within the property belonged to another person who is not named on the liability order because the bailiff cannot take items which is owned by another person.  Get the owner of the goods to write a letter confirming this fact.
  • How to stop a bailiff taking your goods – Bailiffs are not allowed to remove goods which are required to meet your basic daily needs or goods which are required for your employment.
  • How to stop bailiff action – If the bailiff has entered your property he will list the items which he has seized but will allow the items to remain in the property if you maintain the repayments,  this is called a walking possession agreement.  However if you default on the payments the bailiff can return and if necessary break into your property in order to remove the goods.
  • How to stop bailiffs – If you own a vehicle ensure it is parked away from your property because a vehicle is the easiest item for the bailiff to seize and remove.  If the bailiff cannot see the vehicle he cannot levy on the vehicle.
  • Stopping bailiffs – If the bailiff levy on a vehicle always remember just because you are the registered keeper of the vehicle does not mean you are the owner.   The vehicle could be on loan to you or even on hire purchase in which case the bailiff cannot remove or levy on the vehicle.

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how to stop bailiffs

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