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Help With Excel Bailiffs & Enforcement – Colwyn Bay 

Is Excel Bailiffs & Enforcement Speaking with You With respect to Council Tax Debts?

If they are Action Credit Management can help, we offer free confidential bailiff advice and have considerable knowledge in dealing with Excel Enforcement with regard to clients having troubles with council tax debt.

We’re able to normally stop bailiff action inside a few hours. For your own peace of mind we attend to just about everything – we speak with your local council and Excel Enforcement to start with in order to avoid bailiff action, once this has been achieved we then negotiate a fair amount you can pay on a monthly basis so that you clear the unpaid debts.

You’ll be in safe hands with Action Credit Management, call us today to get free bailiff assistance on 03000 111 777

"Bailiffs Were Stopped Quickly & A Realistic Payment Plan Arranged. Thank You"

We Have Extensive Experience Of Dealing With Bailiffs

Our Dedicated Team Can Stop Bailiff Enforcement In As Little As 2 Hours

Bailiffs and Your Rights

A large amount of bailiff organisations are widely criticised for the approaches they employ when collecting outstanding council tax arrears, examples of these include:

  • Indicating if you don’t let them in they’ll break in – they simply cannot do this unless of course they’ve got consent through the court. To our knowledge this has never been awarded for council tax arrears. If you should let them in by your own accord, they’ll be able to force entry should they revisit the house.
  • Bailiffs will probably mention to you they’re not going to deal with a 3rd party, if you opt to appoint Action Credit Management as your appointed representative they lawfully ought to.
  • Bailiffs must not attempt to pressure you into trying to pay a lot more than you can easily afford to pay each month. Let Action Credit Management deal with Bailiffs as well as your local council as your representative, negotiating a reasonable amount of money that it’s possible to pay.

What To Do If Bailiffs Come To Your Home

  • Make sure your doors are locked and windows shut.
  • Don’t let a bailiff in to your house under any circumstances – Should you wish to speak with them, talk about the issue through the door or alternatively call us.
  • You should not sign any paperwork
  • Whatever threat or demand a Bailiffs will make, be careful not to feel intimidated to conform with their demands phone us immediately and we usually can stop bailiff action in just a couple of hours.

To avoid Bailiffs arriving at your property, get in touch with Action Credit Management right away, our friendly, experienced team of Case Workers are waiting to talk about your council tax arrears with you now. Call 03000 111 777

Just how could we help you with Bailiffs?

  • It’s possible to put an end to bailiff action in as little as 2 hours
  • Stop bailiffs from contacting you immediately
  • Negotiate a cost effective and maintainable repayment plan with your local council.

stop bailiff action bailiff advice

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