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Dealing With Bailiffs Companies

Dealing with bailiffs companies can be very stressful often leaving you unsure of where to turn for advice and guidance. Commercial bailiffs who are usually instructed by local authorities to collect council tax arrears will often send you numerous letters and usually will visit you at your property. It is important to note that if you receive a knock at your door that you do not open it, ask through the door, a window or the letterbox who it is and the purpose of their visit. If they say they are calling on behalf of the council, another body or authority ask them to post any correspondence they have through the letter box and contact Action Credit Management on 01209 808450, we are experts at dealing with bailiffs and can usually stop enforcement action within 24 hours.


If the representative at the door refuses to leave do not be intimidated. Dealing with bailiffs can be upsetting, however if you follow the golden rules below this should help in the first instance:

  • Do not open the door, even if they threaten to break in – they have no right to enter your property
  • Ask them for their bailiffs certificate number, write this down
  • Which court has certificated them, also note this
  • A full breakdown of their fees that they are charging
  • If they claim to have a warrant, ask them to post a copy of it through the door – if the document does not have a court officials signature on it or a court stamp then politely inform them it is invalid
  • Do not sign any documentation
  • Do not confirm your identity
  • Do not admit the debt

Dealing with bailiffs can be very difficult however following the steps above and contacting Action Credit Management as soon as possible can usually stop bailiff contact within 24 hours, call our experienced team now on 01209 808450.

"Thank you so much for all your help, you have taken a massive weight off my mind"

Mr S Raymond - Bristol

We Have Extensive Experience Of Dealing With Bailiffs Companies. 

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stop bailiff action bailiff advice

Dealing With Bailiffs Companies

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