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Is Collect Services Limited – Ickenham Communicating with You Concerning Council Tax Debt?

If so Action Credit Management can assist, we provide free personal bailiff help and advice whilst having vast knowledge in dealing with Collect Services with regards to clients who experience troubles with council tax arrears.

We can often stop bailiff action within a couple of hours. For your own convenience we manage every thing – we get in touch with the local authority and Collect Services to begin with to stop bailiff action, and once this has been successfully done we then negotiate a fair amount that you can pay each month so that you can clear the outstanding debt.

You are in safe hands with Action Credit Management, get in touch today to get free bailiff help and advice on 03000 111 777

"Thanks For Dealing With My Local Authority & the Bailiffs. Thanks For All Your Help"

We Have Vast Experience Of Dealing With Bailiff Companies

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Bailiffs and Your Rights

A large number of bailiff businesses are often criticised for the practices they operate when recovering overdue council tax debt, some of these include:

  • Indicating if you don’t let them in they’ll break in – they can’t do this unless of course they have got agreement from a court. To our knowledge it has never been used for council tax debt. As soon as you allow them in by your own accord, they’ll be able to force entry should they come back to the house.
  • Bailiffs may say to you they will not deal with a 3rd party, if you decide to appoint Action Credit Management as your representative they lawfully need to.
  • Bailiffs can’t try to demand you into paying more than you can easily afford to pay per month. Let Action Credit Management take care of the bailiffs along with your local council on your behalf, negotiating an affordable amount of money that it’s possible to pay.

Things To Do If Bailiffs Visit Your Property

  • Always make sure your doors are locked and windows shut.
  • Never allow a company representative of a bailiff company inside your property under any circumstances – If you would like to communicate with them, discuss the situation through the door or alternatively contact us.
  • Never sign any forms
  • Irrespective of what threat or demand a representative may make, be careful not to feel intimidated to comply with their demands, phone us instantly and we normally can stop bailiff action within just a couple of hours.

To prevent bailiffs visiting your property, get in touch with Action Credit Management right away, our helpful, experienced team of Case Workers are waiting to talk about your council tax arrears with you now. Call 03000 111 777

So how exactly do we help you with Bailiffs

  • It is possible to put a stop to bailiff action in a couple of hours
  • Stop Bailiffs from getting in contact with you immediately
  • Negotiate a fair and maintainable monthly payment program with your local authority.

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