Bailiffs Council Tax

bailiffs council tax

Bailiffs Council Tax

Bailiffs council tax collectors who attempt to collect the arrears of council tax are usually private firms, the council tax is usually collected on behalf of your local council.  Bailiffs council tax collectors sole aim is to try and take your goods in order to sell, usually at auction to raise money to pay the debt.  This process is called `distraining’ or `levying’.

From October 1998 bailiffs council tax collectors must have a certificate from the county court allowing them to act as bailiffs, in order to levy on goods they must have this certificate.

Always check bailiffs council tax collectors are certificated but never open the door, ask them to show you their certificate through the letterbox.

Prior to a bailiff council tax collector attending your property you should receive a letter from your Local Authority stating how much you owe and stating if the amount is not paid within 14 days a bailiff will attend.   If you contact the Council and a payment arrangement is put in place this will stop the bailiffs council tax collectors attending your property and you will not incur any further charges.

If the bailiffs council tax collectors have not visited your property before to collect this debt DO NOT LET THEM IN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, do not believe what they say, they have no right to enter your property.

Bailiffs Council Tax

Do not open the door to the bailiffs council tax collectors as they could attempt to push past you and once inside your property they have the legal right to enter again at a later date and could break in if necessary to take your goods.

Ensure your doors are locked and all your windows shut because the bailiffs council tax collectors cannot then legally enter your property.  The bailiffs council tax collectors cannot break in to take goods they have only seen through a window.  Bailiffs cannot get the help of the police to break into your property.

Different bailiffs council tax collectors use various different tactics, some leave you a phone number and once contacted arrange to visit your property to `have a chat’ or to get you` just to sign some documents’, these are tactics to get peaceable entry into your property, but NEVER let them into your house and never sign paperwork.

Bailiffs council tax collectors may attempt to break into sheds, garages etc , this is illegal but be aware if there is access to your gardens and no locked or bolted gate they can take anything in the garden.

If you make an offer to the bailiff and they accept your offer, ask them to return to their car and go out and pay them.  Make sure you get a receipt.

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bailiffs council tax

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