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If you have received a letter or visit from a bailiff you may be left feeling extremely intimidated. We know from talking with numerous clients that they often feel isolated, overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn for Bailiff help.

If a bailiff contacts you remember:

  • Never allow a bailiff in to your home
  • Keep all doors locked and windows closed
  • Never sign any documentation or paperwork

If you have come into contact with a bailiff then call us now on 03000 111 777.  Action Credit Management will give you advice on your legal rights and the rights of the bailiff so you do not have to endure intimidation or uncertainty.


Bailiff Help

You do not have to grant bailiffs access to your property, they can only force entry into your home in the following circumstances:

  • If they have gained peaceful entry on a previous occasion
  • As a last resort when collecting unpaid fines
  • With permission from a court when collecting unpaid income tax or VAT, having failed to gain peaceful entry
  • If a county Court bailiff has gained permission from a court

However if the bailiff gains peaceful entry into your property they can seize your possessions which when sold at auction will pay off the debt owed, this is called a Walking Possession Order. Once they have seized your goods you will be asked to sign a document and the possessions listed will then belong to the bailiff.  If they leave the property and then return at a later date they can break in to remove more goods.

Bailiffs can only take certain things, they cannot take protected items, for bailiff help and a list of what they can and cannot take, contact Action Credit Management now on 03000 111 777.

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Mr S Smales - Bristol

Action Credit Management Offers Free Confidential Bailiff Help. 

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stop bailiff action bailiff advice

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