March 24, 2013

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How To Deal With Bailiffs

How To Deal With Bailiffs How To Deal With Bailiffs UK A Bailiff is a person who is authorised to collect a debt on behalf of a creditor.  If you are aware of a bailiff visit there is precautions which you should take. Listed below is advice on How To Deal With Bailiffs How to deal with bailiffs – Ensure all your doors are locked and windows closed so the bailiff cannot gain peaceful entry… read more

How To Stop Bailiffs

How To Stop Bailiffs How To Stop Bailiff Action If you have a visit from bailiffs there are several things which you can do to stop bailiffs from removing your goods. How to stop bailiffs – Make a payment arrangement with the bailiff but be careful as bailiffs are renowned for requesting an high amount of money per month which is not affordable to you. How to stop a bailiff – Keep all doors… read more

Dealing With Bailiffs

Dealing With Bailiffs Dealing With Bailiffs Know Your Rights When dealing with bailiffs it is truly essential to be familiar with your legal rights, bailiffs are certainly not constantly truthful about the items they can legitimately take. If you know a bailiff is visiting your property never let them into your home, constantly lock all doors and close all windows. Bailiffs can walk through an… read more

Council Tax Arrears

Council Tax Arrears Council Tax Arrears Advice People incur council tax arrears for a variety of reasons such as unemployment, disease, breakdown of relationships etc. If you are in the position of having council tax arrears then call your council as quickly as possible and make an economical payment arrangement. The Local Authority will normally require the defaults to be settled within t… read more

Bailiff Advice Online

Bailiff Advice Free Confidential Bailiff Advice Online Action Credit Management provide FREE Bailiff advice online and by telephone, to those individuals who are having a hard time paying council tax debts. We recognize how bailiff enforcement can have an enormous influence on your top quality of life, typically leaving you feeling separated, swamped and not knowing where to turn. Our FREE… read more

Can Bailiffs Take My Car

Can Bailiffs Take My Car Can Bailiffs Take My Car Can Bailiffs Take My Car – The answer to this question is YES, in fact your car is the easiest item for the bailiff to remove from your property because it is probably parked on your driveway or in close vicinity of your home.  If you have a car the bailiffs consider this a bonus and the seizure is extremely easy. It was quite rare for a… read more

Beat The Bailiff

Beat The Bailiff How To Beat The Bailiffs It is possible to beat the bailiff if you have the relevant information; bailiffs are used to seize goods in order to satisfy unpaid debts.  If a debtor has a County Court Judgment against them and fails to pay the agreed installments then it is likely a visit will be received from the County Court Bailiff. The person who has obtained the Judgment w… read more

Bailiffs Powers

Bailiffs Powers Bailiffs Powers Bailiffs powers are far more limited than most people realise, bailiffs powers relating to council tax does not allow them to force their way into your home. Bailiffs powers when collecting arrears of council tax on behalf of the Local Authority authorises the bailiffs only peaceful entry.  This means the bailiff can only enter your home if you invite or allow… read more

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